Paz y Bien Guatemala Association

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Project Coordination

Coordinación de Proyectos

Paz y Bien, in order to improve care for people with the greatest needs in the department of Chiquimula, has created the Office of Coordination of Programs and Projects. From this Office, intensive work has been done as for creating inter-institutional ties that allow comprehensive care for the most vulnerable people of department. At present, Paz y Bien Association has agreements with the municipalities of San Jacinto and Camotán and projects and incidence in the municipalities of Jocotán, Ipala, Esquipulas, Olopa and Concepción las Minas, and it has managed to maintain work with various international cooperation agencies such as cooperation ones belonging to the Spanish Administration, in close collaboration with the Office of Paz y Bien Projects in Spain.

Paz y Bien Association participates in a macro project

The Program for the Prevention of Irregular Migration – financed by the CITI Foundation and the transnational organization United Way – is a large-scale joint initiative of entities from the triangle of countries formed by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Paz y Bien Guatemala, together with the Regional Peasant Association ASORECH, executes the Guatemalan part of this Central American macro project, based on their experience with peasant women, and especially with the ones suffering violence. What the Program seeks precisely is strengthen the family unit as well as the empowerment of income diversification for 2000 vulnerable mothers in the three countries of the Northern Triangle of Central America, in order to reduce push factors in areas that present large irregular migration. In the case of Guatemala, it seeks the strengthening of 800 mothers of families located in the Department of Chiquimula in the period 2021-2022. The program will receive reinforcement from the City Council of Sevilla, Spain.