30 boys and girls are being cared for 24 hours a day in our Residence of the ‘Tuncushá Social Promotion Center’.

Our residents are users of the ‘Tuncushá Social Promotion Center’ and receive their basic services and specialized attention during their stay in the residence, being part of an educational, training and quality program. Throughout the year they participated in different occupational activities, in addition to carrying out physical activities and workshops imparted by monitors and specialists. It is worth mentioning that our boys receive their five meals, medical attention, free medicines, clothing and everything they may need during their stay at the residence.

Residencia. Centro de Promoción Social TuncusháCelebrations: Celebrations are part of the recreational activities for our resident boys and each of them is a reason for coexistence. Among the activities they carry out are the piñata game, dynamics exercises and elaboration of traditional cakes, thus achieving a healthy experience in the Residence of Tuncushá.

Residencia. Centro de Promoción Social Tuncushá

Occupational workshops: Part of the training that our young people receive (both resident boys and girls) are occupational workshops, in which we work autonomy in different areas: workshops of candles, jewelry, cooking workshop and workshops on pastry. It’s all part of the training, from day to day involving them in the process of creation of different crafts.

Residencia. Centro de Promoción Social Tuncushá
Vaccination against COVID-19: Prevention and care of our residents are kept up to date and (in order to achieve their protection) were made the necessary steps, including them in the group of vaccinated against COVID-19 counting on two full doses. During this process were monitored by our doctors and nursing home staff, who were put in alert to any reaction.

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